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brickninja: the site

So, what is brickninja? It's a toy shop that focuses mainly on LEGO minifigs, weapons & accessories.

  • Sometimes you just need that extra lightsaber to replace the one your child lost, or just want to equip all your minifigs with a lightsaber. You can't just buy the lightsaber in a regular store, but you can in mine. At brickninja, you have the option to buy however many you want.
  • Have your eye on a minifig but it only comes in a set that costs $400? Well, in my shop I offer a variety of minifigs for a much lower cost without having to buy the set. I make it easier for you to collect all your favorite minifigs in one place.
  • Trying to find that specific Collectible Minifig in those mystery packages?  Put an end to duplicates and just purchase the ones you need or want from brickninja!

brickninja: the owner

My name is Robert and I run & maintain all day-to-day functions of this site. I do it all from the webdesign, product photography, sorting, inventory management, purchasing, packing & shipping, and most important of all, customer service. Customer service and Quality of service have been my keys to success.

I started selling in 2004 on eBay as a hobby, and then on Amazon where my hobby transformed into a business. Where I used to sell a few items here and there, I now move on average, a few thousand lego parts a month; supplying kids, adults, and collectors with the parts they lost, extra parts they want to keep on hand, or that collectible/rare item they've been searching for.

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.